January 5, 2020

Know the Refinance Rules

Check out the required conditions and advantages offered by bank to refinance a property or vehicle.

You can Refinance your Property or Vehicle.

Interest rates and repayment terms can vary widely, so before you refinance with this bank, evaluate other banks and lenders.

What are the conditions for Refinancing a Property or Vehicle?

What are the conditions for Refinancing a Property or Vehicle?

Applying for financing by placing the vehicle or property as collateral has become quite common due to the good rates and repayment terms offered on this type of loan. bank offers this type of credit to individuals and companies.

Banks, has the practice of doing a credit analysis and evaluating the car, house or apartment offered as collateral. In order to obtain refinancing, the asset must be in your name, paid off and with the documentation up to date. Any pending issues preventing the loan from being released, such as if your car is fined by the State Traffic Department. If your home is not with the housing, the loan is also foreclosed.

To refinance a property, bank accepts both commercial and residential and has a minimum credit of USD 50,000, and may release up to 60% of the value of your property. The monthly interest rate is around 1.38% per month and the repayment term can be up to 20 years.

To refinance a vehicle, the car must have been manufactured up to 10 years earlier. Up to 90% of the car’s value can be released, and the monthly interest rate varies greatly depending on the bank’s credit analysis. On average, the repayment term is only five years, which is considered short for this type of loan.

When is it a good idea to Refinance a Vehicle or Property?

When is it a good idea to Refinance a Vehicle or Property?

This type of loan is a good option because it has a low cost compared to other types of credit such as personal loan. Interest is low and the payment is longer, and the credit value is very high, and can be up to 60% of the value of the property and 90% of the value of the car.

Pay off bigger debts

To prevent debt from getting out of control. It is also widely used by entrepreneurs as a form of working capital or as an investment for their business.

Working Capital for a Business

Refinancing is a good one for those who need money to leverage a business, because starting a business is looking for better credit terms, money runs out fast and often needs to be reinvested for the business to grow.

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